Your Fresh Fish Market and Butchery 

In the heart of Pretoria, in the secure Tshwane Fresh Produce Market, you will find Gauteng's largest fresh fish market and butchery.

Our varied customer base includes small business owners, chefs and members of the public, all of which frequently return. Why? Because they recognise that we are not only affordable but we also ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

King and Queen Customers:

At Meat 2 Oceans we are completely focused on you and what you want, and that is A-grade quality products at an affordable cost. Furthermore, you also want to be able to enjoy an honest, safe and pleasurable shopping experience. Your needs are addressed daily and stay top of mind every morning before we open our doors and stays top of mind throughout the entire day. 

The Mission:

To run a professional, clean and hygienic store by placing emphasis on old-fashioned business principles of A-grade quality, ethical values and superior customer service.  

The Vision:

To grow the brand to it's full potential and develop a sustainable fresh fish market and butchery that never fails on it's commitment to quality and value for money.

The Story:

Our story started a decade ago when two men set out to create an efficient, well-run family business they could both be proud of. With over twenty years experience in the industry the brothers-in-law were able to turn their vision into a reality and today Meat 2 Oceans has done all they have set out to achieve and more.



Meat 2 Oceans offers you the flexibility to select your meat one of three ways:

1. Order the cut of beef, pork or lamb directly from the butchery.

2. Choose a carcass.

3. Choose from our prepacked selection. 


  • brisket,

  • short rib,

  • shin,

  • neck,

  • boerewors,

  • rump steak,

  • sirloin steak,

  • chuck,

  • stew,

  • ox tail,

  • minced beef, 

  • roast,

  • T-bones,

  • tripe etc.

Biltong: droë wors, chilli bites, hunter biltong etc.




  • loin chops,

  • shoulder chops,

  • leg chops,

  • leg roast,

  • fillet,

  • spare ribs,

  • stew,

  • smoked pork belly

  • smoked eisbein,

  • bacon etc.

Processed meats:

  • sausages 

  • russians,

  • polonies

  • chouriço,

  • salami,

  • cheese grillers,

  • ham etc. 




  • leg chops,

  • loin chops,

  • shoulder chop,

  • roast,

  • neck,

  • shanks,

  • stew,

  • ribs, 

  • lamb quarter etc. 


 Fresh Poultry: 

  • chicken flatties,

  • whole chickens etc.

Frozen Poultry:

  • chicken feet,

  • chicken necks,

  • chicken gizzards,

  • chicken breasts,

  • chicken hearts,

  • chicken liver,

  • turkey drumsticks,

  • turkey wings etc.



On any given day you can take your pick from our wide variety and large quantities of fresh fish we have available on a day to day basis or choose from our frozen selection.

Whole and Filleted Fish:

  • Hake,

  • Kingklip,

  • Cape Salmon,

  • Norwegian Salmon,

  • Pink Salmon,

  • Red Snapper,

  • Soldierfish,

  • Slingers,

  • Kabeljou,

  • Tuna,

  • Bacalhau,

  • mackerel,

  • Angelfish,

  • Ribbonfish,

  • Snoek,

  • Swordfish,

  • Linefish etc.



Take your pick from our freshly frozen selection.


  • lobsters,

  • oysters,

  • prawns,

  • clams,

  • crabs,

  • shrimp etc.





  • tubes,

  • steaks,

  • heads etc.



If you are shopping, or in the area, pick up some lunch or dinner from our delicious deli or browse our bakery and choose from our selection of breads and cakes.

Some of the meals and items available:

  • seafood paella,

  • fried baby hake,

  • chicken wings and drumsticks,

  • pap,

  • braaied meat,

  • variety of salads,

  • fresh chips,

  • variety of meat stews,

  • mixed vegetables,

  • chilli wors,

  • brown and white bread,

  • cakes etc.



Although we specialise in fresh fish and butchery meats at Meat 2 Oceans, we realised that complimenting these lines with a wide range of groceries would add value to your shopping experience. Shop our dairy products, dry groceries and beverage range in store.